It Was Love at First Sight

This was one of my Instagram posts when I first laid eyes on Juneau, Alaska.

I was breathless. I was quivering. My heart thudded with excitement. It was so unbelievable that everything  I love – the smell of clean salty air, majestic mountains, clear bodies of water, and a charming bayside town converge in one. My happy place.  

09/23/15: 0605 am in the Port of Juneau, Alaska
A bridge connecting one Alaskan Island to another
Gastineau Channel and the City of Juneau as seen from a tram from Mount Roberts
Port of Juneau, Alaska
City of Juneau, Alaska
Alaska was a feast to the eyes and a joy to explore, and I had only seen a tiny part of it then. I loved it even more as I saw more of its beautiful cities. Ever since I came back from vacation, I kept on wishing I was back there. Hopefully, I’d see it again someday.

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