This is me, jubilant after climbing 6,730 feet to Timpanogos Cave in Utah a few years ago. I feel the same right now as I just finished climbing 294 steps to the top of Bunker Hill Monument where I enjoyed the view of Boston from one of its windows.


Don’t look her in the eye, or you’ll turn into stone!  The upside down face of Medusa at the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, Turkey is one of the things to see at the popular ancient underground structure. Made more famous by Dan Brown’s novel the Inferno.

The Coolest Leader

He’s one of the most loved and respected leaders ever. He knew that his ego had no place in his presidency which made him one of the most masterful leaders of all time. There is no one like him. My favorite Lincoln quote shows one of the characteristics I admire most about him. “I was … More The Coolest Leader


In response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge, “Future“.    These days, I can only think of the very near future. The days when I no longer have to wear a jacket each time I leave the house. The days when I can slip my feet into flip flops. The days when I can raise … More Soon