Tasty Tuesday: Why Wild (Salmon) Is the Way To Go

I love salmon. When I dig my fork into this delicious flaky fish, I don’t really think of where it comes from. On my recent Alaskan Cruise, I learned that the salmon that are mostly sold in the Northeastern United States are farmed. When it comes to salmon, experts say, the best is wild salmon. In Alaska, there’s only wild salmon. It’s the only salmon locals eat and process to sell.

So, why do Alaskan fishermen only recommend wild salmon?

1. Wild salmon has much more omega-3 than farmed salmon.

2. Wild salmon are cleaner as they swim miles away from large sources of pollution.

3. Wild salmon are 100% natural. They feed on shrimp, herring, and squid in cold clean waters, making their flesh naturally red or pink depending on their food source and river of origin.

Now, I love salmon more than ever! As I couldn’t bring fresh wild salmon with us, hubby and I with our sisters-in-law, searched for the nearest grocery to the port in Ketchikan to shop for some smoked salmon.

These were one of our best buys. We bought from Tatsuda IGA as prices were lower compared to specialty shops aimed at tourists. Shipping was $5 dollars less. The personnel there were very helpful in recommending which products are the best. And we got 10% off the total price of our purchase. We left the grocery store very happy.

I’m planning to enjoy to the fullest the smoked salmon in my pantry. 😊


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