Don’t look her in the eye, or you’ll turn into stone!  The upside down face of Medusa at the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, Turkey is one of the things to see at the popular ancient underground structure. Made more famous by Dan Brown’s novel the Inferno.


Those writings on the plaque, I’m guessing, are written in Ottoman Turkish alphabet. I don’t know what they say. It can be surmised, it has something to do with shopping. After all, it’s located at one of the gates at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey!    

Memento Monday: Nazars

   Visitors in Turkey, see many of these in gift shops. They are eye-shaped glass beads thought to protect against the evil eye, a curse  cast by a malicious glare. The curse is thought to cause misfortune or injury. In Turkish, it is called nazar boncugu.      

Photo Challenge: Symbol

Minaret (of the Blue Mosque) in Istanbul, Turkey     The minaret in every mosque symbolizes call to prayer. Mosques are everywhere in Turkey. It’s so easy to spot them because their minarets stand out, most of the time dominating the landscape or skyscape.