Memento Monday: Eternity Birthstone Bracelet 

The best mementos are attached with meanings. My Mama lives over 3,000 miles away across the Pacific. But this Mother’s Day, we got to spend het special day together!  To commemorate this wonderful event, I got the two of us engraved eternity birthstone bracelets. Our birthdays fall on the same month, so our bracelets are … More Memento Monday: Eternity Birthstone Bracelet 

When I Fly ✈️

Delta Airlines’ Sky Magazine has this section where a popular person talks about his or her preferences in various things while traveling. It inspired me to make a list of my own. 1. Favorite Luggage Any four wheel spinner will do for me, but I’m eyeing Kipling’s spinner carry on. One of my brothers-in-law swears to … More When I Fly ✈️

Memento Monday: Create Your Own Photo Magnets

Sometimes it’s more fun creating one’s souvenir than just buying one from a gift shop. It becomes more meaningful, too, when you use a picture that you took yourself. Some of the magnets on our fridge are of pictures I took. I simply chose magnet sizes online on Shutterfly, uploaded my chosen pictures, and voila … More Memento Monday: Create Your Own Photo Magnets

Memento Monday: Tribal Inspired Sweater 

Nothing beats a great bargain! I have mentioned previously that since it was ms Amsterdam‘s last sailing for the Alaska Cruise season while my family was on board, there were plenty of Sales up to 75% off! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻     With much consideration, like 2 days of thinking, I finally decided to buy this tribal inspired … More Memento Monday: Tribal Inspired Sweater