Memento Monday: Nazars

   Visitors in Turkey, see many of these in gift shops. They are eye-shaped glass beads thought to protect against the evil eye, a curse  cast by a malicious glare. The curse is thought to cause misfortune or injury. In Turkish, it is called nazar boncugu.      

Gamirasu’s Magara Kilise (Cave Church)

Cappadocia, Turkey is known for its underground tunnel complexes, and rock-cut churches and monasteries from the Byzantine and Islamic eras. Such as the UNESCO Heritage site Goreme. Gamirasu Cave Hotel in the village of Ayvali boasts of its own cave church or in Turkish, magara kilise. Some of the cave’s wall paintings from the Byzantine … More Gamirasu’s Magara Kilise (Cave Church)

A Cave Hotel, Pottery Beef, And Birthday Song (in Turkish)

All I wanted was a nice and spacious room at Gamirasu Cave Hotel. It was after all, my and hubby’s birthday trip. We got a nice and spacious cave hotel suite. Discovered a delicious type of kebab called testi kebab which is served with ceremony. To top it all, we got a birthday cake while … More A Cave Hotel, Pottery Beef, And Birthday Song (in Turkish)

A Lesson On Kebabs

In my neck of the woods, kebabs refer to skewered meat, fruit, or vegetables which are either grilled or roasted. This, in Turkey, I learned, is shish kebabs. There are other kebabs. Such as the döner kebab which is roasted on a vertical rotisserie and sliced thinly. In this part of the world, it is … More A Lesson On Kebabs