Pressed: Most Beautiful Place in Every State – PureWow

This country is called America the Beautiful for a reason, so we decided to take a closer look. Here, the most stunning place in every single U.S. state. Cue all of the wanderlust.

Source: Most Beautiful Place in Every State – PureWow

This article caught my attention on my Facebook Newsfeed. I excitedly clicked on it to find out how many of the “Most Beautiful Place in Every State” I have been. Well, although I had been to many US States, I missed going to the best spots in each, apparently. Except for these three.

Georgia- Cumberland Island

There is a limit to the number of visitors per day at Cumberland Island which helps it stay untouched. Hubby and I went on a day trip there and we enjoyed it very much. Read my post on Cumberland Island here.

Kentucky- Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

The over look at Cumberland Gap offers a beautiful view valleys and mountains. It is a pleasant hike to it as well. What I remember about it though, is the Cave Tour we did. Check out my Review of the Cave Tour

Washington, DC- Jefferson Memorial

The Tidal Basin is one of my favorite places to visit in DC. It is a spectacular place to visit when the cherry blossoms are at their peak surrounding the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It’s definitely the best spot to be during the Cherry Blossoms Festival. I love viewing the Jefferson Memorial while cruising down the Potomac River which I talk about here.

Three out of 50, 47 more to go!


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