Free Friday: Chatham Manor, Virginia 

Chatham Manor is one of the historic houses in Virginia. It served as a headquarters and hospital for the Union Army during the Battle of Fredericksburg.  

The manor has stood for over 200 years graced by visits from notable figures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton, Walt Whitman, Washington Irving, and George Marshall. It was a private residence until it was given to the National Park Service in 1975.

Although there are exhibits inside the manor about its history, I was more enticed by its well manicured grounds, gardens, statues, and follies. I love this statue which greets visitors at the gate.

The flowers in the gardens were not in bloom yet when we were there over the weekend, but I could picture what they would be like in full bloom.

There were interesting follies on the grounds that catch attention.

Chatham Manor stands on the bluffs overlooking the Rappahannock River offering a beautiful view of the city of Fredericksburg.

It’s a must see for historical houses fans. Visitors appreciate that Chatham Manor is a no fee place. Thanks to the National Park Service! 

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