Free Friday: Columcille Megalith Park

England? Scotland? Ireland? Nope. Bangor, Pennsylvania.
This park, full of megaliths, is inspired by a tiny island off the West Coast of Scotland known as Iona, which for centuries has served as a source of spiritual guidance and awakening. William H. Cohea, Jr. was inspired by a dream while in Iona to build Columcille.

Another inspiration for the park is the Legend of St. Oran – the man who volunteered to be buried into the footers of a chapel the walls of which would not stand. St. Oran’s sacrifice worked. The chapel walls remained in place. Three days later, when dug out, St. Oran’s was still alive. St. Oran’s Bell Tower stands proudly in the park.

My favorite spot in the park is the bench facing the pond.

The megaliths in Columcille are not as mysterious as the Stonehenge. Still, people visit to appreciate their beauty and inspiration. One is guaranteed peace and serenity in this beautiful park. The icing on top of this is, there is no fee!



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