Throwback: A Summer Day (2007) 

I am so sick of Winter. Monday this week, I woke up to snow covered cars. Yes, it snowed!   

The temperature remains in the high 30’s and it has been dreary. I wish for bright sun shiny days! When I look at these photos, I feel warm inside. I am looking forward to beach days. 

Alegre Beach Resort and Spa, Sogod, Island of Cebu, Philippines,
White Sand
Bar by the beach
The Pool

What’s the season like in your neck of the woods?


7 thoughts on “Throwback: A Summer Day (2007) 

  1. Brrr, that first shot! No wonder you’re looking forward to warmer weather. Here in Melbourne it’s the start of Autumn and it’s starting to get cold although our days are still sunny. Can’t say I’m looking forward to those cold mornings.

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  2. Wow! Amazing pictures! 🙂 I like spring season when it’s not that hot nor cold, just pleasant! It’s too hot right now where I live. And it’s just the starting of summer. It’s gonna be a hot year.

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      1. Unfortunately it is actually very hot..too hot that it can cause harm. But let’s see. And I think you meant keep hydrated.. 😉 🙂 lol… Water is truly the best friend, especially in the summers.

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