Snapshots: Peñiscola, Spain

The one place I wish we spent some time exploring is our home base in Spain, the town of Peñiscola. We were booked for the whole week at Aparthotel Jardines del Plaza, one of the many properties timeshare company Resort Condominiums International (RCI) exchanges with. One of my sisters-in-law has a timeshare with RCI and we found this Aparthotel on their directory after we were told the properties nearest Barcelona were all booked the week of our trip. 

Aparthotel Jardines del Plaza, Avda. Papa Luna nº 156, 12598, Peñíscola, Castellón

Peñiscola is a resort town located along the Mediterranean coast north of the Serra d’Irta, a long mountain range. It is a  Valencian community in the province of Castellon. It is a popular tourist destination. As it was off season, there weren’t many vacationers around. There were enough to give life to the adjacent hotel. In the evening there was music and dancing. We did not get to enjoy those as we were too busy driving everywhere! However, we did enjoy Peñiscola sunrises. 

Photo by my sister-in-law M.A.C.
We also got a glimpse of the bay walk which I would have loved to explore had there been time.  

  The place served its purpose as our home base, and we liked how pretty it was.


Photo by my sister-in-law M.A.C.
Maybe there would be a next time and we’d get to explore Peñiscola.




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