Snapshots: A Tower in L’Aldea, Spain 

Driving in Spain was such a pleasure! I enjoyed looking at the orange and olive groves, and the houses with their stucco exterior and clay tiled roofs as our rented van passed by. Then as I got used to the scenery, something popped up to break the monotony like this tower.


It peaked my curiosity. I wanted to know the story behind it. As we were only driving by with more than a 100 miles to our destination, we couldn’t stop and investigate. I hoped to find information about the tower on the World Wide Web. 


Thanks to the iPhone which records the name of places when photos are taken, there was a documentation of when our van passed by this tower. My phone tells me I took this picture in L’Aldea. Google informs me that in L’Aldea there are watch towers built by the first lords. These towers are now monuments.  

Rapunzel’s tower comes to mind as I look at my photos of this tower. I can easily picture her lowering her hair for her rescuer.   

In reality though, the tower is history glimpsed from a highway. 

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