Free Friday: Jardines de Sabatini, Madrid 

The family happened upon Jardines de Sabatini while trying to determine which direction we should go during our unplanned visit to Madrid. Yes, Madrid was not part of our itinerary, but one of my sisters-in-law was very determined we should go, and so we did. 

I haven’t done any research on Madrid as it wasn’t on our itinerary. A quick Google search listed the Royal Palace as a top attraction and it is located in Madrid’s city center. Armed with a map provided by the receptionist of our hotel in Pozuelo de Alarcon, we headed towards the Metro for an afternoon of adventure in Madrid.  

That’s how we found ourselves standing by one of the gates of the Royal Palace late in the afternoon deciding whether to go right or left. I walked ahead of everyone and saw an open gate with wide stairs leading up. I went up, and behold! There was Jardines de Sabatini and a great view of the Royal Palace!

 Jardines de Sabatini or Sabatini Gardens are part of the Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain. It honors an Italian architect, Francesco Sabatini who designed the Royal stables of the palace which stood where the gardens are now.

 “The gardens have a formal Neoclassic style, consisting of well-sheared hedges, in symmetric geometrical patterns, adorned with a pool, statues and fountains, with trees also disposed in a symmetrical geometric shape. The statues are those of Spanish kings, not intended originally to even grace a garden, but originally crowding the adjacent palace. The tranquil array is a peaceful corner from which to view the palace.” –Wikipedia   


 The Sabatini Gardens are open to the public without a fee. When you find yourself in Madrid, you may want to stop by and enjoy the view. 

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