Throwback: Casa Manila, Intramuros, Las Islas Filipinas 

This sign showing the route of the yellow line of the Madrid Metro brought a smile to my face. The over 7,100 islands in Southeast Asia that Spain occupied in the 1500’s is unforgettable enough to be a Metro stop in Madrid.  

 I had mentioned a few times that my motherland was under Spanish rule for more than 300 years. To Spain it was Las Islas Filipinas which translates to “The Philippine Islands”. The name is in honor of King Philip II, the Spanish king when explorer Magellan discovered the Philippines. Signs of Spanish occupation abound in the Philippines. One of them is the Spanish established walled city, Intramuros.

It is now a tourist attraction and one of the places to see is the well preserved Spanish house, Casa Manila which is now a museum. Taking pictures are not allowed inside the museum, therefore, I only have pictures of the outside.

I was also able to take pictures of the courtyard inside the Casa.

Entrance fee to Casa Manila Museum is 75 Philippine pesos for adults (about $2) and Php 50 (about $1.25) for children. 

It’s a good place to visit to get a glimpse of the life of the privileged during Spanish colonial time in the Philippines.


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