La Boqueria, Barcelona 

When I asked for suggestions of places to go in Barcelona from fellow bloggers, John Reese suggested La Boqueria. I haven’t done much research yet, so I have not come across of the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria at that time.

Les Rambles, 91, 08001, Barcelona, Spain

It was a greatly appreciated suggestion as there are two things my sisters-in-law and I love to do – shop and eat. 😬    

The Mercat Sant Josep is a large public market in Barcelona and one of the city’s famous tourist landmarks. It is very convenient that it has a La Rambla (another famous tourist attraction) entrance.  

My sisters-in-law wanted fresh fruits. Fresh fruits that remind them of our motherland such as atis or sugar apple. This tropical fruit, of course, is not easily available in the supermarkets in the US. At the La Boqueria, there was a fruit belonging to the same family, cherimoya. That was a source of excitement for everyone. Cherimoya flesh has a creamy texture which earned its second name, custard apple.   

Photo by my sister-in-law M.A.C.

The other fruit that attracted the attention of one of my sisters-in-law is the papaya, also called papaw or pawpaw. While I am not as fond of atis as the in-laws are, I would eat papaya with gusto. It’s a rich source of vitamin E. The ripe fruit is fleshy, soft, and sweet. I like to drizzle lemon over it, the way my late father enjoyed it.  
Then, there is the starfruit, known in my native tongue as balimbing, in other Asian countries called as carambola. It is crunchy, firm, juicy, and tart with a hint of sourness. Yes, there are many in La Boqueria.

La Boqueria has many stalls from fruit stands to fresh seafood. There are bakeries and candy stores. One can get almost anything there. It was fun moving from stall to stall, getting the stuff we need for our drive to Madrid the following day. 

Stall photos by my sister-in-law M.A.C.; Entrance photo by me

With our purchases in tow, we headed out ready to hit the souvenir shops. 


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