Throwback: London, the Itinerary that Left Me Wanting

Reflecting on my trip to London back in 2013, there was that day now I wish hubby and I had done differently. On my previous post about it, I mentioned how important it is to be flexible when on an independent trip. Although we were flexible that day in changing our itinerary and went to main attractions that I badly wanted to see, we spent most of our time commuting. Hence, we only got to visit 4 places. The original plan was to go to the following places, in the order as presented.

1.Kensington Palace 2. Royal Albert Hall 3.Wellington Arch 4.Royal Mews 5.Rock n Roll Walk 6.National Gallery 7.British Museum; Photo Credits below
We ended up visiting these places instead.
1.Buckingham Palace 2. National Gallery 3.Kensington Palace 4. Chinatown

I recall, the change of plan was due to the Changing of the Guard schedule at Buckingham Palace. If we skipped it that day, we wouldn’t get the chance to. So, instead of heading to Kensington Palace as planned, we went to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guard.


From Buckingham Palace, we walked to the National Gallery and then headed to Kensington Palace. It was about half an hour bus ride to the palace. By the time we finished our visit at the palace, it was late in the evening. It was too late to go to the other places on our list. Hubby and I were hungry and decided to go to Chinatown. We enjoy going to the Chinatown of the places we visit. 


Although I enjoyed that day as much as I did the other days we were in London, I can’t help but wish we did not miss the opportunity to go to the Royal Albert Hall and the British Museum. Most especially, the British Museum.

Photo by David Iliff, License CC-BY-SA 3.0
When I think of the lost opportunity, I am filled with regret, but at the same time I tell myself, “I have a reason to go back.”

I will. Someday. 

Credits: Royal Albert Hall photo; Royal Mews; Rock n Roll Walk; British Museum


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