Wormsloe Historic Site, Savannah GA

Savannah, Georgia is a place full of history. One of the places where visitors can learn of its history is Wormsloe Historic Site.   


At Wormsloe, visitors drive through an avenue lined with live oaks and Spanish moss leading to the tabby ruins of the colonial estate of Noble Jones, a humble carpenter who built a colony in Savannah.

Visitors may learn all about Wormsloe through a visit at the museum and a tour of the estate.    

The museum has various exhibits, but what interested me the most are the surgical instruments on display. I recognized a couple that we still use in the operating room, at least, where I work.


I enjoyed the trail to the tabby ruins. It was a short enjoyable walk with trees all around, dirt on my feet, and the scent of the marsh nearby.

Then, the tabby ruins come into view. They are an impressive reminder of the ingenuity of colonials.



A glimpse of colonial life is on display at an area where visitors can view and touch a cottage built just the way it was in the 1700’s, as well as the tools used during the period. 


Wormsloe Historic Site is worth a visit when in Savannah, Georgia. It is open on Tuesday-Sunday from 9am-5pm. Admission is $10 for adults, $9 for seniors, $4.50 for 6-17 years, and $2 for children under 6.


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