Soho/Little Italy/Chinatown NYC Walking Food Tour 

It’s always a treat to visit New York City. No matter how many times I had been there before, I am always so excited to go again. Our latest trip included a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, and a walking food tour.

Hubby found a deal from Travelzoo for a dinner tour that includes Soho, Little Italy, and Chinatown for 2 priced at $55. Not bad, right? It’s a pretty good deal. The tour conducted by started at 5pm. It is so unfortunate that with the abundance of warm weather in New York City the past weeks, we chose the Saturday with a chilly temperature. I was not dressed properly for the weather, hence, I did not enjoy the event as much as I’m sure, I would have all bundled up. However, I still enjoyed the food. Hubby and I plan to go back to the places included in the tour for a more thorough food experience.


The first stop of the walking tour is Lombardi’s, an Italian restaurant that had been around for at least a 100 years. The pizza at Lombardi’s is delicious. What fabulous sauce!


32 Spring Street, New York, New York
Photo by

The second stop is Alleva, a cheese place, where we had a taste of Italian cold cuts and cheese. The salami-like meat cut has less fat than salami and rolled in provolone, it was so yummy! 


188 Grand Street, New York , New York
Photo by

Next, we went to Ferrara Bakery and Cafe located at 195 Grand Street. The bakery had been in existence in New York for over a hundred years as well! Our tour guide served cannoli from the bakery. I love cannoli, so this was a very welcome stop. Also, I got to warm my freezing body at the bakery. It was my favorite stop! 



Photo by

The final stop of the food tour was in Chinatown. The place is called Fried Dumpling where we had, of course, fried dumplings. For a $1, customers get 5 pieces of good dumpling that famous chef Ming Tsai approve of. There’s a picture of the dumpling here. I had my hands full eating while standing, so I was not able to take a picture.


106 Street, New York, New York
 I liked the tour a lot. The background information on the various restaurants was helpful. Now I know more places to get some of the best food in Soho, Little Italy, and Chinatown. However, I think that when one knows where to go, one could save money by stopping by the restaurants independently.


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