Memento Monday: Photo Books

One thing the digital age has brought to us, people who love to take pictures of our travels, is that we can take as many as we want depending on the capacity of our camera SD cards or how many gigabytes our smart phones have. 

Since I started using cameras with SD cards, I stopped printing pictures. When family and friends ask to see my travel pictures, I hand them my phone or laptop. Most say they want to see an album with pages they can physically turn and an album that does not require booting up a device. I thought it’s a great idea, so I began making photo books of our trip photos and I love them! Recently, photo books with stands came out and I really like them. 


To date, I have at least a dozen photo books. My sisters-in-law loved the photo book with stand that I made featuring our Alaska Cruise. One of the nieces commented it’s just the right size for a picture souvenir and can stand like a picture frame.

Photo books make lovely souvenirs, I think.

How about you? 


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