When I Fly ✈️

Delta Airlines’ Sky Magazine has this section where a popular person talks about his or her preferences in various things while traveling. It inspired me to make a list of my own.

1. Favorite Luggage

Any four wheel spinner will do for me, but I’m eyeing Kipling’s spinner carry on. One of my brothers-in-law swears to its sturdiness. I want one. For now, this carry-on works.  

2. In-Flight Activities

Mostly, I read romance or spy novels. On long flights, I alternately watch movies and read. My husband does crosswords, sudoku, and sleeps soundly for hours. I take naps in between reading and watching movies.

3. Favorite Airport

The airport which I had the best experience is Dublin Airport. Checking-in was quick and security check was organized and fast. I like organized airports.  

4. Last Souvenir Purchased

I bought a Microsoft Surface… t-shirt. 😄 I did want to buy a Surface, but at the Microsoft Visitor Center, the gift shop only sells electronics to employees. My cousin who works for Microsoft in Canada advised me to buy online. Thanksgiving sales are coming soon. Maybe I’d get a good deal. I’m contented with the shirt for now. 😉

5. Travel Outfit

I prefer to be comfortable when I travel. Usually, I’m in a cotton shirt with weather appropriate outer wear, jeans, and walking shoes. Heels won’t help me when I need to dash to the boarding gate which I had to do a few times at JFK, Hartsfield-Jackson, and Detroit.  

6. Inflight Beverage

Ginger Ale. Not Irish ginger ale which I like, but the soda kind. It’s not really healthy, but I feel better when I have a glass. 


How about you? What are your flight preferences?

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