Victoria, British Columbia 

The last port of call on our Alaska Cruise was Victoria, British Columbia. The city is not part of Alaska. British Columbia is a province of Canada. Why then, is it on the itinerary? 

The reason is an old maritime law. Under the Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886, non US-built, owned, and documented ships cannot transport directly between US ports. However, it does not prohibit foreign-flagged ships departing from and returning to the same US port, provided the ship visits a foreign port. Hence, the stop at Victoria.

Victoria is a walkable city. It is located at the tip of Vancouver Island off Canada’s Pacific Coast. It is the provincial capital of British Columbia. My hubby and I and my sisters-in-law took a walk from the port to the downtown area. On our way, we enjoyed the pretty scenery, buildings, and landmarks.  

Fisherman’s Wharf
Fisherman’s Wharf
Parliament Building early in the evening
Parliament Building at night, lit with over 13,000 lights
Royal British Columbia Museum


Fairmont Empress, a luxury hotel famous for its traditional high tea

Chinatown, the oldest in Canada
Totem Pole
Totem Pole
 We only spent about 3 hours in Victoria, but we left impressed by its elegance and beauty. I wish we had more time to explore.


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