Connected again!

Connected again! MS Amsterdam docked around 5am here in Seattle and I can finally use my phone. 😊 I was being stingy refusing to pay the roaming fee in Victoria, Canada for phone service and the $55 fee for 100 minutes use of wifi on board the cruise ship. I think it’s not a good value.

I’m sharing three photos taken from Victoria, British Columbia. It’s such a charming walkable city. It’s not part of Alaska, but a must stop for foreign ships cruising in Alaska to abide by an old US law that requires them to stop by an international port before entering US territories. 

A glimpse of Victoria, everyone.


Legislature Building
The Empress Hotel
Visitor Center


2 thoughts on “Connected again!

    1. It depends whether your destination is the Southeast or Northeast. In the Southeast, it’s in Juneau but it’s secluded. In the North, there’s Anchorage which is a big city by Alaskan standard. I think there are more places one can get to near Anchorage than in Juneau. Neighboring towns can only be reached by boat or bush planes.

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