Free Friday: My 3 Frequently Used Free Travel Apps

There are hundreds of apps out there that claim to help travelers. I have not checked out all of these apps, but I have found 3 free apps that serve my travel needs really well. Perhaps, you may find them useful as well.

#1. Travelzoo App

I love the Travelzoo App. It lists discounted tours, flights, hotel stays, activities, and eats in popular travel destinations. My husband and I have availed of numerous discounted offers from Travelzoo. One of these is our Alaskan Cruise. Almost a year ago it posted a book 2 and bring 2 guests for free Alaskan Cruise with perks. Hubby and I and 2 of my sisters-in-law snatched up the offer. Tomorrow, we’ll be on our way bright and early. 😊 Then of course, there are the many meal deals that I have posted about on this blog. 

#2 Tripadvisor


I make it a point to read reviews before I book anything. TripAdvisor has helped me a lot in this. Both positive and negative comments assist me in deciding. One time, I found a deal on a tour of Egypt and a cruise on the Nile which seemed too good to be true. I did not find the tour company on TripAdvisor which made me suspicious. I found reviews on a different website about the tour company and the reviews were overwhelmingly negative. Needless to say, I did not book the trip.

One very attractive offer I booked with the help of reviews on TripAdvisor was a trip to Turkey. It was a 9-day tour with flights to Turkey and within Turkey, tour guide, transfers, hotels, daily breakfast, and entrance fees for less than $999. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was on TripAdvisor right away reading reviews. The reviews for the tour company were mostly positive. I read the reviews of the hotels used by the company which were very good as well. The trip turned out to be one of the most fun we ever had.

#3 Google Maps

Hubby and I used to bring a GPS with us when we go on road trips. These days, we use Google Maps. The App helped us navigate our way to Amesbury, Salisbury, Bath, and Stratford upon Avon on our visit to England a couple of years ago. It has made our road trips in the U.S. way easier. We plan to use it on our coming road trip in Washington State. The advantage of using Google Maps is, it is updated on a regular basis. 

Technology rules our world today. Why not take advantage of available free apps that will help us in traveling. The beauty of it is, we can choose which one will work for us the best. 

Your app, your style, your way. Happy travels!


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