Finally Packed! 🚢

Oh, the challenges of packing! It is quite a task to pack for a week’s cruise in Alaska and a week’s road trip in Washington State with a 20-inch x 12 1/2-inch carry-on in mind.

It wouldn’t have been so challenging if I did not need to pack for 2 gala nights, meaning cocktail attire, and for smart casual nights. Being a girl who is most comfortable in jeans, the task is difficult! 😳

For my 2 gala nights, I decided I will bring one dress that I could wear in different ways. On 1st gala night I decided I would wear a scarf or a shrug with it and on the 2nd gala night, I’d wear it without a scarf and shrug and just accessorize to the hilt. Sounds like a good idea? We’ll see how this turns out.

As for smart casual nights, the answer is dressy tops and jeans! It’s the only way for me. 

I’d pair them with my red heels, and I’d be good to go! 👠👠

Of course, I had to think of the Alaska essentials to keep me warm and dry- a jacket and rain coat. 

With my pair of red heels, I packed black flats. I plan to wear walking shoes on the flight to Seattle. The same pair would serve me well on the excursions, I think.

The easiest part was packing my jeans and shirts. I have all that I need in my 20-inch x 12 1/2-inch carry-on. It’s quite a feat to fit 2 weeks worth of clothing in it. But I did it! 

Congratulations are in order for this light packer, friends! 😉


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