Free Friday: Bathhouse Row at Hot Springs National Park, AR

Central Avenue in Hot Springs, Arkansas is lined with eight bathhouses which many flocked to in the 19th and early 20th centuries when bathing in natural hot springs was believed to cure illnesses.

Managed by the National Park Service, visitors could take a free tour of Forcyde Bathhouse which is now the Visitor Center.

Gifts and souvenirs are available at the Lamar Bathhouse.

Those who would like to experience the services of the bathhouses as they were in the 1800’s up to the mid-1900’s could visit Buckstaff or Quapaw.


Those who wish to simply enjoy the area may enjoy the promenade and the park as well as the shops at Central Avenue.



The hot spring wells by the promenade gate piqued my interest. Yes, I tested the water. It was, as expected, hot.☺️

Visitors can’t miss Bathhouse Row. The National Park Service sign is very visible enhanced by the yellow painted bathhouse in the background.


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