Sunday Review: Cumberland Gap Cave Tour, Virginia

The Visitor Center is in Middlesboro, Kentucky, but the cave is in Ewing, Virginia. Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is one interesting place!

Our trip to the South turned out to be a Cave Tour. We went on 4 cave tours. One of them was at Cumberland Gap Cave, formerly known as Cudjo’s Cave.

What is the significance of this cave? It is located in Cumberland Gap, a pass near the junction of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee. The pass was used by Pioneers from the east in their journey to the western frontiers of Kentucky and Tennessee.

The cave was used for Saltpeter mining in the 1800’s and as a military hospital during the Civil War. 

The cave tour at Cumberland Gap turned out to be my favorite. Each visitor was given a hand-held spotlight with a large reflector so we’d be able to see inside the cave. This gave me freedom to look at the stone formations I wanted to peruse more closely.

©Here,There,Everywhere; all rights reserved.
The hike to the cave entrance is a mile long. Along the way, there were wildflowers and trees to enjoy and a view of the little town of Cumberland Gap.

The ranger-led tour took about two hours. The stalactites and stalagmites were fascinating. 


©Here,There,Everywhere (HTE)
Cleopatra’s Pool; ©HTE
 I couldn’t help but oooh and aaah at the many stone formations made meaningful by information related by the very knowledgeable ranger who is working on his PhD in history.


The $8/person fee we paid for the tour was totally worth it. I’m rating the tour ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5.

Cumberland Gap Cave was an amazing experience. I’m glad my husband and I went on this cave tour.


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