Word Press Photo Challenge: Connected


Native Americans felt connected to a higher power each time they came to worship at this site.

I have not seen such an amazing natural formation before. Rainbow bridge is considered the world’s highest natural bridge. Officially, it is known as Rainbow Bridge National Monument. It is under the care of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Although it had existed for millions of years, it was known only to Native Americans until its existence was publicized to the outside world after two exploration parties searched and found the legendary span in 1909.
To get to Rainbow Bridge one can either take a two- hour boat ride from marinas in Page, Arizona or hike several hours overland. Hubby and I opted to take the boat ride. (I love boat rides!) The marina from which we boarded was breathtaking.
On the Lake Powell boat ride, the view kept getting better…

and better…

and better…

until we reached our destination. Then, I could only stare in awe.

The five-hour long drive from Salt Lake City, two-hour boat ride, and quarter mile hike to see this magnificent natural formation were definitely all worth it.

9 thoughts on “Word Press Photo Challenge: Connected

  1. The Southwest is full of stunning spots, Dee, and you showed one of them here. I wonder what the canyons below Lake Powell looked like before the lake was made. I imagine they were amazing as well. Haven’t been to Lake Powell for many, many years.


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