Free Friday: Weir Farm National Historic Site

Weir Farm Sign Board

Location: 735 Nod Hill Rd, Wilton, Connecticut 06897


Weir Farm was the country home of American Impressionist Julian Alden Weir. His most critically acclaimed work is The Red Bridge which is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.


The Red Bridge ©1895 by J. Alden Weir, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Weir encouraged artists during his time by cultivating their talents. Often hosting them at his farm. He believed the natural beauty of the environment in his farm would inspire artists. Most of his guests were, indeed, inspired. Today, the National Park Service continues his work by encouraging anyone who is interested to visit and produce their own artistic expression. Weir Farm hosts a resident artist for a certain period of time providing lodging at the farm.

It was a beautiful sunny day when hubby and I visited Weir Farm. We got to enjoy the gardens and serene atmosphere.

We also got to see samples of Weir’s work at his workshops.

Hubby and I enjoyed the ranger-led tour of the Weir House.

A visit to Weir Farm National Historic Site awakens the artist in everyone. It is worth the trip. 

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