Sunday Review: Anker Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Battery Case

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

As I shared with you all, I am going on a cruise in Alaska next month. Because I blog from my phone 98% of the time, part of my prep for the trip is ensuring my phone is charged so I can post on WordPress whenever I can. Most likely when we reach the different ports of the places in our itinerary if there is no wifi on the ship, or if the package is not wallet friendly. 

I searched the net for a reasonably priced battery case for my phone. The search led me to the Anker Ultra Slim battery case. It is Apple MFi certified which I think, is very important.

The reviews in Amazon are good and the price of $39.99 at 60% off is way cheaper than my Mophie battery case which I bought for my iPhone 5 at full price.

The case is true as advertised, slim and not heavy to hold. It fits my phone perfectly. The matte exterior indeed provides a secure grip. I love it. It also promises to protect the phone when it is dropped. Hopefully, I won’t need to put this to the test!

Does it work? The battery case is supposed to give my phone 120% more battery life. I tested the battery case on our trip to New York City today.


Hell’s Kitchen, 9th Avenue NYC

When my battery was at 20%, I switched on my battery case charger. I’m happy to note that when my battery was at 100%, the indicator light was at 2 which means that that there’s still at least 40% power remaining in the case. The battery case seems to be delivering the services it should. It is early to tell how effective it is since I only got this product yesterday. My only complaint is, which is a big deal to me, the cable/cord that comes with it is very short. Like 6 inches short.   
But overall, it is looking pretty good.I am crossing my fingers it will serve me well in my Alaska trip!

Do you protect your phone with a case? A battery case?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Review: Anker Ultra Slim iPhone 6 Battery Case

  1. That has to be the shortest cable for a device I’ve ever seen. The good news is I’m sure you can use one of your other longer ones – we seem to fall over usb chargers these days. Thanks for the review…off to check which other models they support.

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