Sunday Review: Feedback, Austin Marriott North TX

I appreciate it when establishments I review respond. It shows they care about what their customers think. A while back I wrote a review of Austin Marriott North in Texas and I just recently shared the review here on my blog. 

The hotel manager responded to the review. This time, I am sharing the response to the review. The issue that I complained about was our room was not ready when we came back late at night after a day out. Pillows were all over the floor and the bed was not made. It looked like someone started cleaning it and abandoned the task.

It speaks well for the staff that they identified what went wrong. There was a miscommunication which resulted to our inconvenience. I will probably give the hotel another chance should we visit Austin, Texas again.

Feedback is always a good thing, I think, especially if they are constructive. When I write reviews I use the ‘sandwich’ approach, inserting my complaint between two praises.


What is your review style? Do you expect responses to your reviews? 


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