Throwback: Jimmy Carter’s Birthplace 

The 39th President of the United States announced last week that he has cancer and it has spread to different parts of his body. 

My father died of cancer. The news of the former president’s illness brought memories of my family’s struggles to cope with and support my dad on his diagnosis and his treatment. I wish for the best outcome possible for President Carter and strength for his family.

The news also brought memories of my and hubby’s visit to Plains, Georgia, President Carter’s birthplace. 

It is a quaint little town that’s obviously proud of its son. Hubby and I stopped at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site where his achievements are on display.

We also went to his boyhood home, a farm. The exhibits showed us a glimpse of little Jimmy’s childhood life.

 The people of Plains, GA were shaken by the news of President Carter’s cancer. I’m sure they will rally behind him just like they did in 1976.

Update: 8/22/2015

I was right. The people of Plains, GA are there to support President Jimmy Carter.

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