Sunday Review: Mammoth Cave Historic Tour, Kentucky

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5



Tour Description:

My Thoughts:

As hubby and I visit the National Parks in the United States, one park at a time, I learn so much about how bountiful Nature has gifted the country’s land. One of these gifts of Nature is Mammoth Cave. I didn’t know that it is the longest cave system known in the world. It’s a pretty significant title, isn’t it? So far, 400 miles of the passageways of the cave has been surveyed.  

The cave is a World Heritage Site. It is called Mammoth Cave, not because a mammoth was found in the cave, but due to its size. 

As the Historic Tour description states, visitors enter through the natural entrance.  

Inside, the ranger-led tour brings visitors to the different landmarks of the cave. Flash photography is not allowed in the cave. It was a challenge to get pictures. Here is a glimpse inside the cave.      

 I enjoyed the tour a lot. The length of the tour is just right for the fee. There were many rock formations to see. It was a learning experience for sure. What I appreciate the most is the opportunity to go down and see parts of the longest known cave system in the world. The National Parks is really one of the United States’ best ideas.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Review: Mammoth Cave Historic Tour, Kentucky

  1. Wow. What an incredible experience that would be. I have been in caves but nothing like this one. The United States has so much to offer in terms of its varied parks with stunning nature. What a thrill to be able to personally enjoy them!

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    1. Mammoth cave was quite an experience! In the other tour that we did, the rock formations were incredible. One of the things I appreciate that the government is doing is preserving the country’s natural beauty through the National Park Service. I am always amazed by what I see at the parks!!

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