Free Friday: Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania USA


Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places to visit. It is the site of the July 1-3, 1863 battle of the Civil War. The significant loss of lives here and the number of injured greatly impacted the nation. So much so, that President Abraham Lincoln came to Gettysburg to deliver his famous Gettysburg Address.


Visitors may do an Auto Tour for FREE. All they have to do is follow the Auto Tour Star.


There are so many monuments and memorials to see at the Battlefield. A must stop for visitors is the Eternal Light Peace Memorial.


The biggest memorial at the Battlefield is that of Pennsylvania. It commemorates the 34,530 Pennsylvanians who “fought at Gettysburg”.


Another popular stop is Big Round Top, a high point at the Battlefield.

From Big Round Top, visitors could see Devil’s Den, an area in the Battlefield full of large rocks.

Amidst the memorials, monuments, and scenery, I get to contemplate and say a prayer to those who sacrificed their lives during the Civil War. They were heroes and it is only right to remember them and their sacrifices.



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