Photo Challenge: Close Up

This week’s photo challenge is to take a picture of something up close.

A wildflower at Obed River in Tennessee.

In May, when hubby and I visited the South (Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee), I was charmed by wildflowers. There were aplenty in hiking trails and roadsides. One stood out more than others because of its vivid pink color. I didn’t know what it was then, but I had to take a picture of it. Later, I searched wildflower databases to find out what the pretty dark pink wildflower that caught my eye was. It was a red clover, a Spring roadside wildflower.


Red clover spotted at Obed Wild and Scenic River; May 2015
It’s a pretty one, nurtured by the Season. It’s probably gone now, but will spring again next May. As it should.

For other wildflowers that caught my eye in the South, click HERE.

For other other beautiful views at Obed River, click HERE.

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