Sunday Review: Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Salisbury-Delmar, MD

Holiday Inn Express and Suites, 30232 Lighthouse Square Dr, Delmar Maryland 21875

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Not all Holiday Inn Express Hotels are created equal. 

After staying at a few Holiday Inn Express hotels, hubby and I have formed quite a positive view of this InterContinental Hotels Group brand. Our stays at other locations had spoiled us. We were quite disappointed with this branch.

Our room was pretty standard. We had a king bed;  
the usual desk/work area;

a coffee maker, microwave, and refrigerator right beside the television.

There is a pool located right outside our window.

Our room seems okay. There were three things, however, that made our stay not as comfortable as we wanted. Our room was pretty gloomy, the lighting did not really do much to brighten up the area, so I kept the curtains open to let the light in. But when swimmers and their companions came, I had to keep them closed when they occupied the table seen in the picture above and hanged out there. They had a very clear view of the inside of our room.  The second thing was, the  toilet bowl kept flushing automatically all throughout the night. The sound was so annoying that it was impossible to get a good night’s uninterrupted sleep. Lastly, the drains in the sink and bath tub were very slow. You can imagine how that is. Not good.
Breakfast was fine, except that there were biscuits, but no gravy. I was clearly not in the South anymore!

On the upside, the front desk staff were professional and accommodating. Check in was smooth and when I informed one of them about the toilet bowl issue at check out, and suggested for it to be fixed before the next guests, the response was positive. 

Another good thing, there’s a Chinese restaurant next door. It’s always a plus when there is a Chinese restaurant nearby. 😜


5 thoughts on “Sunday Review: Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Salisbury-Delmar, MD

  1. Sounds pretty average. HIE has some good and some bad properties with the one in Salisbury being located right in the middle. Personally, I highly prefer stays at IC Hotels, but sadly they are no located everywhere 😦

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