Sunday Review: Austin Marriott North, Round Rock TX

Austin Marriott North, 2600 La Frontera Blvd, Round Rock Texas

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

I wrote this review right after our trip to Texas and had received a reply from the hotel, but I only just got around to posting it here. 🙂 

My husband and I are regular Marriott Hotel Brands customers and he is a Gold rewards member. We always go home satisfied with the services that Marriott Hotels provide. Having stayed at different Marriott hotels around the United States, we have come to expect very satisfactory stays and service.


Photo from Austin Marriott North Website:
Our stay in this hotel started fine with the staff at the reception desk who were professional and friendly. We especially loved the excellent service at the restaurant during breakfast where the personnel had bright and sunny smiles for diners and provided attentive service. 

However, we were very disappointed when we came back late at night from a day of touring to find our room unmade with linens and pillows littered on the floor. It looked as if housekeeping had started cleaning then abandoned the task. My husband called the front desk about the status of our room. The person who answered the call asked him if he had requested for the room to be made? Hmmnnn…we have never ever requested for our room to be made in the hotels we had stayed in. We always came back to clean and well made rooms. My husband reiterated that linens and pillows are littered on the floor. The bathroom was as we left it in the morning. The manager then spoke to him, apologized, and promised rewards points for the inconvenience. 
Housekeeping came to make our room, so we headed downstairs to hang out at the lobby as the Concierge Lounge was already closed. 

We requested the front desk to please let us know when our room was ready. A half hour later, there was no word from the front desk. I got tired of waiting and decided to go back. Thankfully, our room was ready. It was midnight and I just wanted to shower and sleep.

The issue here was lack of proper communication among the staff. We paid for one night’s stay and used rewards points for the next night’s stay. Apparently, this arrangement posed quite a challenge. 

On our stay here, we did not get the signature Marriott hotel service that we previously experienced in other locations. This was disappointing. Nevertheless, the experience did not take away the fun of discovering Austin. We enjoyed the city’s sights and sounds and would love to visit Austin again.


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