Free Friday: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park

Location: 2295 Lincoln Farm Rd, Hodgenville, KY 42748


Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park preserves the site where President Abraham Lincoln was born and lived until he was seven years old. It reminds visitors of Lincoln’s humble beginnings and how he had stayed humble throughout his life, despite of all his accomplishments.

Things to Do:

  • Tour the Birthplace Unit – self guided and ranger led
  • Watch a movie – Lincoln, The Kentucky Years
  • Tour the park grounds, Memorial Building, and Sinking Spring
  • Hike the trails
  • Picnic at the designated area
  • Watch birds and other wildlife


 My thoughts:

I am glad that my husband and I visited this National Historical Park. I have so much admiration for President Abraham Lincoln. To this day, there is no president that can be compared with him as a person and with his achievements. His humility is extraordinary and his sincerity in public service is outstanding.


This historical park presents his roots and honors him appropriately based on his own words, “I was born, and have ever remained, in the most humble walks of life.”  
The place is beautiful and quiet. Visitors can walk around to reflect on the life and works of Abraham Lincoln, the best President the United States ever had.



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