Throwback: Inspired by Shakespeare in Love

Door 4, Shakespeare’s Globe, London UK

“Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.”  ~ Mignon McLaughlin

I learned of William Shakespeare in school. His sweet words that are full of passion charmed and inspired a girl from a city in the Philippines to dream of one day seeing first hand the land that bore the great playwright.

Then, Shakespeare in Love came to theaters, and the wistful girl dreamed some more. How wonderful it would be to see Shakespeare’s Globe and walk within its walls! Deep in the girl’s heart, she knew, it was a futile dream. Her situation can be compared with that of Shakespeare and Lady Violet.

But as most people say, a girl can hope; and love. It was Mignon McLaughlin, an American Journalist, who said, “Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.”

Years later, I found my way to Shakespeare’s Globe.

It was exciting! It was awesome! It was real! I was within the walls of Shakespeare’s Globe. My dream had come true.

The Globe is how it is featured in Shakespeare in Love. It is pentagram in shape. It’s a reconstruction, but the closest visitors could ever get to the real one.

Amidst the thrill of it, I was in the moment soaking in what was in front of me. The reality that was Shakespeare’s Globe.


The Stage
VIP Viewing Area
Seats for the Masses
Top: VIP Seats; Bottom: Seats for the Masses

That was one of my most unforgettable experiences, brought back by a free movie On Demand, Shakespeare in Love. And this post, is a product of those memories. šŸ™‚

Is there a Shakespeare quote that pops up in your conversation, once in a while? Mine is, “To be or not to be; that is the question!” 


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