On the Net: 26 Filipino Words Now Officially Part Of The English Language

Mabuhay, everyone!

With Filipinos in almost every corner of the world, it is not surprising that some words from the language of the Filipino people will find their way officially in the English language. That is, make it to Oxford dictionary. This is big!

I’m sharing three of my favorites from the list.


Palawan, Philippines; February 2015

The word means long live. We don’t use the words in casual conversations, but if visitors use it to greet us, it’s fine. We’ll be happy to respond in kind. 

I think the word was officially introduced to the world when the Philippines hosted the 1994 Miss Universe Pageant.


Halo-halo served at Pilipino Barbecue in Bordentown, New Jersey

I love halo-halo! It is a dessert of mixed fruits, sweet beans, milk, and shaved ice, typically topped with purple yam, creme caramel and ice cream. Halo-halo is especially popular during the summer when it’s scorching hot.


Barkada pertains to a group of friends. I miss the fun times my barkada and I had way back when. We went on summer trips which always presented opportunities for lots of laughter. I miss those times. So much!

Camiguin, Philippines; April 2005

Curious about other Filipino words that made it to Oxford dictionary? Click the link below.

26 Filipino Words Now Officially Part Of The English Langauge.


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