Sunday Review: Spirit of Philadelphia Dinner Cruise

Spirit of Philadelphia, Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, PA

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Reluctant to pass up what we considered as a good deal on Travelzoo, hubby and I bought and booked a deal for a Dinner aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia.


A $55 dinner for 1 person while floating about the Delaware River sounded appealing to me. I thought I would enjoy the experience.  He purchased 2 vouchers and we went on a Saturday evening.

Guess what! We enjoyed it. It was a fun night aboard a ship sailing around the Delaware River.

As soon as the boat sailed, the chef invited us to the buffet table. The choices were not very extensive, but guests had 3 choices for salad, 4 for entree, and at least 5 for dessert.

The Menu

The trip to the buffet table was organized as it was by invitation only to avoid guests overloading the back of the ship and over crowding the buffet table. Even then, the staff were not as prompt in re-filling the salad stations. 

Hubby and I loaded our plates, a bit disappointed that there was very little left of the salad greens. As it seemed that no one was going to re-fill the salad station yet, we went back to our table. 


My plate
Hubby’s plate

Music played as the guests ate. The ship’s DJ helped keep a festive fun mood. While enjoying our food, hubby and I did not miss the sight of the sun setting.


When most guests were done eating, the empty dance floor slowly filled with guests swaying to lively music.


We enjoyed the music and joined other guests on the dance floor. After a couple of turns, it was time for dessert (my favorite part).


Dessert is always a good way to end a fun night. Hubby and I were pleased we did the dinner cruise. 

For $55 per person, it wasn’t bad. However, if we paid the full price, we would have thought differently. We would have expected more, food wise, for the full price of $92.33.

The deal on Travelzoo runs until the 30th of June. If anyone is in the area, this may be something you’d be interested to do in Philly. 


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