Free Friday: Fire Island National Seashore, New York

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I spent a weekend with some family members in Long Island, New York. We visited Fire Island National Seashore. Visiting properties in Fire Island under the care of the National Park Service is free. 


Wilderness Visitor Center, May 2015

Our niece and nephew, technically our grandchildren because their grandma is hubby’s sister (I’m too young to be a grandma! 😱), were thrilled to see a fox as soon as we arrived at the Visitor Center. We were at the right place at the right time.


We spent some time at the Visitor Center gazing at the ocean. 😉 Yes, the ocean!


The kids enjoyed touching the different shells in the learning room and holding them up to hear the sea.


We did a leisurely walk on the boardwalk leading to the dunes, enjoying the wildflowers along the way.


After the Visitor Center, we drove to Old Mastic House which was the home of William Floyd, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Photography is not allowed in the house. Most likely to protect the original furnishings and decorations in the house. My in-laws liked the tour. From the Old Mastic House, we proceeded to Fire Island Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is not a property of the National Park Service, so going up has a $4 fee. But visitors can roam the grounds and go to the beach for free.


My husband could not resist going up the lighthouse. We signed in on one of the tours. The views as expected, are beautiful!

The highlight of my being up there, was the chance to capture this sunset.

After the lighthouse tour, it was time for our reserved Horseshoe Crab Program in which we learned about horseshoe crabs! I haven’t seen one before. It looks prehistoric.



May is their mating season and they float to the beach for the event. A park ranger led us to the beach to look for horseshoe crabs after a short lecture

There were a few on the beach and visitors circled around them to take pictures. In the horizon, the sun is almost gone and it was time to go.

We left with an image of the lighthouse and the moon in the evening sky.

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