My Not To Be Missed Landmarks in 5 American Cities 

Every city has a landmark that for some reason or other embodies that city. A landmark that if missed, will bring some sort of regret. A building, a monument, a street or a structure that if not seen when one is in a city will make one say, “Why didn’t I go there?”

Los Angeles, California 

For instance, I would have regretted it if hubby and I did not go to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Los Angeles (LA). LA is synonymous to Hollywood in my book. Therefore, skipping a visit to the Walk of Fame would have been something that I would have regretted.


New York City, New York

When one sees the Statue of Liberty, one thinks New York City. But, one doesn’t need to go to Ellis Island to see the statue. It’s visible at certain points. For me, a visit to New York City would only be complete with a visit to Times Square. Times Square is the site of the annual ball drop to welcome the New Year. It is one of the most visited attractions in the world. Bright humongous billboards and ads are everywhere in Times Square. A walk there at night is a visual experience for those who love lights.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Philadelphia is a very historically significant city. It is where the foundation of the United States was drafted. For this reason, I strongly feel that a visit to Independence Hall, in fact, Independence National Historical Park is a must. If I haven’t been after visiting Philadelphia a few times, I would be chastising myself, “What is wrong with you?!” 

Washington, District of Columbia


There are so many landmarks in Washington, DC. Most of them are free, too! It’s one of my favorite cities to visit again and again. To me, a stop at the Lincoln Memorial is not to be missed. The 16th President of the United States was truly the President of the People. The Emancipation Proclamation changed the future of the United States! For this reason, it is a must visit for me, and the 6 million other visitors of the monument each year.

San Francisco, California 


When most people think of San Francisco, the image of the Golden Gate Bridge comes to mind. I’m no different. San Francisco pretty much equals Golden Gate Bridge. Frommers declared it, “The most photographed bridge in the world.”

What is your not to be missed landmark in a city that you love? 




5 thoughts on “My Not To Be Missed Landmarks in 5 American Cities 

  1. My husband who is obsessed with Boston would say Fenway Park as he is, of course, obsessed with the Red Sox. We have been many times! It may not be what most would consider the number 1 landmark but “want to sees” usually include our interests. In San Fran, mine would be Alcatraz as I am fascinated with jails. I do love Golden Gate bridge as well but I couldn’t go to SF without seeing Alcatraz. Great post!

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