Free Friday: Amazing Views at Obed Wild and Scenic River, Wartburg TN

Whitewater enthusiasts love Obed River! It is a 45-mile river system that includes whitewater runs ranging from Class II to Class IV. I don’t know what the classes mean, but they sound impressive! 

The park’s website states, “The Obed Wild and Scenic River looks much the same today as it did when the first white settlers strolled its banks in the late 1700s.”

This is not hard to believe when one gets a glimpse of its hiking trails and the river up close and from a lookout from the park’s highest point. Those who know about Obed River come to hike, kayak, rock climb, boat paddle, and bird watch.

To visit, it is best to stop by the park’s Visitor Information Center for a film that gives a background on Obed River and for a brochure. Check out the video. It captures the beauty of Obed River through the Seasons.

The Visitor Center is located at 208 North Maiden Street in downtown Wartburg, Tennessee.


After the short film and some very useful information from the Visitor Center, hubby and I drove to the Lilly Bluff where there is an overlook that allows visitors to look down the creek below which is part of the river system. Of course, to view natural beauty carved by time needs a bit of effort. We hiked for 0.4 miles from the Lilly Bluff parking lot to the overlook.


The short hike was worth it. I was so excited when the overlook came into view. 


Hubby and I could hear the excited squeals of kayakers and swimmers from the river below.


The water was tempting and the sounds of people having fun in it, made me want to join in. As taking a dip in the river wasn’t in our plans, we did not bring swimming gear with us. So, we contented ourselves with gazing at the amazing view.  



Scenic, indeed! 


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