Free Friday: Clingmans Dome Lookout Tower

Clingmans Dome Lookout Tower is located at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From the tower, visitors can see parts of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennesse. Everyone may enjoy the breathtaking views from the tower for free. 


Hubby and I drove from the Gatlinburg, Tennessee entrance of the park. The tower is in the North Carolina side, but the visitor center is only a few minutes drive from the Gatlinburg entrance.


The challenge was hiking to the lookout tower. It is at the highest point of Great Smoky Mointains which is at 6,643 feet elevation. 


The trail is only half a mile, but due to the steep incline, many find the need to pause every 5 minutes to catch their breath.


Stopping for breath rewards not only the lungs, but the eyes as well, for the view is beautiful.

Up in the tower, hikers are treated with more mountain views. 

It was an ‘on top of the world’ moment at the tower. It seemed like I was eye level with the clouds, looking down at the mountains of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.



It wasn’t an easy hike to Clingmans Dome Lookout Tower, but the visual reward is worth it. 


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