Three Things I Wish I Don’t Have to Do When Flying

There are three things required of flyers that I wish I didn’t have to do. All have something to do with security check.


Don’t get me wrong. I know how important airport security checks are. They keep passengers safe. I understand that there are those who put passengers at risk by violating the restrictions in place. 


For instance, even with present security measures, there are people who still attempt to carry loaded guns on planes. The number of loaded guns caught in US airports last year is an amazing 1,835 according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) 2014 Year in Review. The TSA has even intercepted a grenade in a carry on at Los Angeles International Airport last year. Whoa!


So, I totally get why checks are necessary. But still, I wish there is no need for them. 

I wish I do not need to take off my shoes.


I don’t like taking my shoes off at the airport. How many pairs of shoes have been on those airport floors at the security area? I don’t know where those gazillion shoes have been! No way, am I passing the area with bare feet. I make sure I have socks. Which means shoe liner socks for flats which I almost forgot on my recent trip to the South.

And those bins! Are they wiped with bleach? Or TRU-D’d? TRU-D as in Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfection. Do they do a disinfection of some kind? I know at Seoul International Airport there are disinfecting stations.  


Shoes are placed on those bins with purses, belts, jackets, and electronic devices. Whatever are in the shoes get transferred to things that we frequently hold. Yuck! I wish I were consistent, but once in a while I remember to use cleaning wipes on my stuff. 

I wish I do not have to be subjected to random pat downs.


“Ma’am, you have been chosen for a random pat down. Would you like to do it here, or somewhere private?”

Great.  A pat down. Fine, just pat away. I don’t need to go somewhere private. It’s not like I’m required to strip to my pair of Maidenform (as opposed to Victoria’s Secret). 😄

When I happen to have clips on my hair, I’m patted from head to toe. Who knows what I could be hiding in my hair, right? So now, I leave my hair down until after the security check. 

I wish I don’t have to cram all my liquids into a quart-sized clear plastic bag.


Actually, I’m pretty good with making sure I only have 3 ounce bottles in my carry on. Any liquid above 3 ounces goes in my checked baggage. That is, my usually free checked baggage. On our recent trip, having used rewards points for my airfare, it escaped our notice that my baggage isn’t free. So, when we checked our bags I was surprised when I was asked to pay for mine. No way! I opted to carry my 22-inch roller bag. 

I was in line at the x-ray machine when I remembered I had a 12-ounce bottle of body spray that I got for Christmas from a co-worker. It was half full. Darn it! I loved the scent of that spray. I was going to Kentucky and Tennessee. So I brought my ‘Country Chic’ scent. Which now I had to chuck. 

The young TSA officer looked apologetic as he took the bottle from me and added it to his collection bin. Sigh. I should have brought the only 3 ounce body spray I had. But who would want to smell like ‘Twisted Peppermint’ in Spring?


I was so disappointed that I wasn’t going to be gallivanting around the South smelling like ‘Country Chic’. 😁 

But, I wasn’t going to let that ruin my vacation. I said goodbye to my body spray and moved on. 

The thought remains, that so much has changed since that fateful day in September 2011. Now, that is something I wish did not happen at all and I hope will not happen again.


2 thoughts on “Three Things I Wish I Don’t Have to Do When Flying

  1. Ah ah I totally agree with you! But you didn’t mention the most annoying thing in my opinion… Getting rid of your little precious bottle of water… Just to buying another one a minute later! Ridiculous!

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