Free Friday: Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour

While driving back to Nashville from Chattanooga, Tennessee, hubby saw a sign advertising Jack Daniel’s Distillery Tour.

“Let’s do that!” He said.

“Why?” I replied. He doesn’t drink whisky. I can’t even remember him tasting it. Me, I prefer cocktails – sangria, the fruitiest margarita, and bay breeze. So, why?

“It would be interesting; and it’s free.”

Fine. It would be fun to learn how Jack whisky is made. Just for the sake of it. We re-routed and went to do the Jack Daniel Distillery Tour. We found out there is a sampling tour with a fee. Obviously, not an option for us. 


On the tour, we were directed to a photo area where our tour group posed for a picture. I downloaded it the next day without a fee! After the photo-op, we boarded a bus that took us to the starting point. We all alighted to start the walking tour.

The production of Jack Daniel whisky starts at the Rickyard where maple sugar wood is made into coal.


The water used for the whisky originates from one source. The cave spring Jack Daniel discovered when he was 7 years old; the age he started making whisky. The spring has never stopped flowing providing the company the water for today’s Jack.

Then corn, barley, and rye are fermented and mashed. After this, the mash is stilled resulting in 140 proof alcohol. The alcohol then undergoes a mellowing process through charcoal. No photography was allowed in the stilling, mashing, and mellowing buildings.

After mellowing, the clear whisky is poured in oak barrels and stored until ready to be bottled. This is where Jack gets its amber color.


At the end of the tour, guests may purchase a bottle of Jack Daniel with different labels. Hubby was tempted to buy, but it couldn’t be hand carried on our flight back home. Ha!

We bought Jack Daniel printed t-shirts instead. 😄


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