Weak-kneed at the Incline Railway, Chattanooga TN

I was so excited to ride the Incline Railway in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There wasn’t much that I knew about it, except that it is an incline. Having been on board the funiculars in Pittsburg and Johnstown in Pennsylvania which both were fun, I could not wait!

St. Elmo Stop, Incline Railway

When we passed by the St. Elmo stop at the bottom of the mountain, I wasn’t nervous at all. That was because I  couldn’t see how much the railway inclines. But then, when we got to the Lookout Mountain stop, oh my goodness! My knees quaked. I was excited and nervous at the same time. The incline is really steep! I learned on the ride that it is 72.7% grade. My goodness!!

Lookout Mountain Stop, Incline Railway

While hubby and I were in line waiting to board, I distracted myself by looking at the view. It was a very effective distraction as the view was beautiful.


I don’t know why, but it seems like any view from atop anything amazes me. Then, it was time to board. Now with shaking knees, I had to decide whether I wanted to sit up front or at the back. The railcar is heading down. Do I want to sit at the front? Heck, why not! 


View from the front seat of the incline car

As hubby and I took our positions, another couple occupied the front seats on the other side of the car and we just spontaneously chuckled nervously. I wasn’t the only scaredy cat! The car started moving down slowly and I got ready to scream. But wait! I wasn’t on a roller coaster!! What was I thinking.


The car moved at a sedate pace of 600 feet per minute. 😄 One of the steepest inclined rails in the world is a pleasant ride after all. I began to appreciate the beautiful scenes we passed on the way down. 

At St. Elmo’s, we got off to have some ice cream then got on board for the ride back up Lookout Mountain. We had to go back right away as we only had an hour on our parking meter.

There are no free parking at the Lookout Mountain stop of the Incline Rail. So, anyone who wants to take the railcar from up there should have quarters ($0.25) ready. Parking is a quarter per 15 minutes.

Although the ride was fun, I think the fare is expensive. Visitors pay $15 round trip or $11 one way! 

The fare at Chattanooga’s Incline Railway is as steep as its incline. I would list this down as a one time only thing to do.


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