Tasty Tuesday: Lee’s Famous Recipe Fried Chicken, Kentucky

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken in 803 S Lincoln Boulevard, Hodgenville, Kentucky
My Rating: 👍👍👍👍/5

Some probably know that hubby and I are on the road visiting National Parks in Tennessee and Kentucky this week.

Whenever I think of Kentucky, I think of fried chicken. After visiting my favorite US President’s Birthplace in Hodgenville, Kentucky, I googled ‘the best fried chicken in Hodgenville’ and Lee’s Famous Recipe Fried Chicken came up. 

It was only 8 minutes away from where we were. Fabulous! So there we went.

Lee’s was not very big and looked like a chain fast food restaurant which it is. But the fried chicken was really good! The skin was golden and crispy. The meat was well cooked, but tender and juicy. The potato salad was just the way I want it, tangy with a hint of sweetness. The potato wedges were crispy on the outside and soft inside just like its buttery and flaky biscuit. Hubby ordered a mix of chicken gizzards and liver. I’m not a gizzards fan, but I do like a bite of liver sometimes. The liver tasted good, too! Hubby swears the gizzards were great.

We left happy and satisfied. It was good to have a taste of southern comfort food in the South! 


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