Sunday Review: Ristorante Caterina Dé Medici, Culinary Institute of America NY

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Ristorante Caterina Dé Medici at the Culinary Institute of America, 1946 Campus Dr, Hyde Park, New York

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

This review is long overdue. Hubby and I had a pleasant meal at this restaurant. I may not recall the details, but I do remember the highlights.

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park New York has three restaurants and a bakery. All the restaurants are part of CIA students’ educational experience. They spend time in both the front and back of each to learn and master the full scope of restaurant operations under the guidance of CIA’s chef-instructors and maîtres d’hôtel. Students are expected to execute the meal and service to the exacting standards set by the CIA.


Hubby and I decided we wanted to try the food and service at one of the restaurants. Making a reservation online was a breeze. We had no specific restaurant in mind. I learned while making reservations based on the available times that many dine at the CIA restaurants. We were happy that Caterina Dé Medici had an open slot for the day and time we wanted. This restaurant is located at the Colavita Center of the campus.

Our meal started with the standard bread and olive oil; after which, appetizers were served.

I can’t remember what my hubby had. It was some sort of red leaf salad served with a vegetable cake with balsamic sauce. He seemed to like it. Mine was vegetable tart pictured above. It looks pretty with the single tomato contrasting with the green sauce. It was pleasantly tarty as it should. I liked it.

For the first course, I chose soup. I can’t remember what kind it was, but I had no complaints. 

The stars of our meal were the entrees. I had the milk braised pork served with brussel sprouts and mashed starch. It was a ‘melt in your mouth experience’. I loved it!

Hubby chose the quail stuffed with sausage. He was happy with it. 

The servings at Ristorante Caterina Dé Medici were just right and of good value. The food were well presented and tasted great. The CIA students did very well. 

The service was good. A couple of the students seemed nervous, but they took our orders and delivered them at a timely manner.

We came hungry and left full. Perhaps, we’ll visit again.


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