Intricacies of Topkapi Palace, Istanbul 


Gate of Salutation at the First Courtyard of the Palace

Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey was the residence of the Ottoman sultans for about 400 years. It is no wonder that when visitors step in the rooms of the palace they are greeted with intricate details everywhere.
Visitors are allowed to take pictures in some rooms, but not in others. The Council Chamber and the Audience Chamber show the palace’s intricacies.


Imperial Divan door leading to the Council Chamber where meetings are held.
Entrance to the Imperial Divan, the chamber used for Imperial Council meetings. The gilded grills are decorated with gold.

The ceiling is made of ornate green and white-colored wood decorated with gold.

Kubbealti or main chamber

The main chamber is decorated with Ottoman Kütahya tiles which come together perfectly.

The Audience Chamber is where the sultan received visitors.

The walls are lined with blue, white, and turquoise tiles.


The ceiling is as detailed as the wall. I have no words to describe the chandelier in the room. It’s definitely intricate. 😉 The whole place is!!

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